Casey Hart.....
Finance Coach / Spending Planner / Motivational Speaker

What is a Finance Coach........

Well, lets start with the basics......

I don't give you financial advice!
I don't tell you what to do with your money!

What I do, do......
I will create a spending plan for you that will show you MORE then you knew you needed to know about your money!

I will coach you along the way ensuring you stay on track with your new plan
I will coach you through any money blocks or obstacles you may come across (and let me tell you, a lot of our money issues are linked to other beliefs about ourselves) 
We will find where your money is going and how to best use your money to change your financial future through the Spending Plan software

What I don't need to know......
I don't need to know how much you earn!
I don't need to know your accumulated masses or lack there of wealth!
Your wallet size is assured!

I live by many sayings, but this is one of them.....

'You can only do the best you can with what you know'

I also believe that you have nothing to loose.....

When it comes to money, I can think of but a handful of people who don't want more than they have.......even those that have plenty.

It is naturally ingrained in us that we strive for more.
We all want the world for our families and ourselves whether it be possessions / adventure or wealth we all want to be more comfortable than we are now.

I have met people that earn over 200K a year and still can't manage their family finances, they are broke and live pay cheque to pay cheque.
I have also seen people living on 40k a year thrive because they are empowered and have a plan!


One that can be applied to ANY income.......... and work!

If you want to know what I know use the link below to schedule a call so I can show you the power of what a Spending Plan can do for you.....