Welcome to my weekly blog post....

Well it's the first week of July and the first month of the second half of 2018! YIKES!

I thought it would be appropriate to use this weeks post to inspire you to step up to the plate and challenge yourself to get help! 

Help that is going to move you in your business or your life to get you to where you want to go! I'd be willing to bet you didn't hit your goals for the first half of this year?  I'd love to be proven wrong but reality is we all have 'SOMETHING' that holds us back. 

Everyone's design for their life is different and everyone's version of success or happiness is different.  But the longer you say to yourself I can do this, I'll just keep going - WITHOUT help is going to hold you back. 

Movement and momentum is definitely key to any success don't get me wrong but it's accountability and support that pushes us to the next level!

I watched a video today that I loved and wanted to share with you about a man living with a Bengal Tiger.... - Here is the link to watch it. - https://www.facebook.com/dailygoalcast/videos/1394715840673456/?hc_ref=ARS68Ue8jMSlYWtaKCEz1oor3POezIMK2TPL6YBrXB2078E1j86OXLvhLyQiJ3BGy2A&hc_location=group

The moral of the story is - What are you living with that you have become comfortable with that is ultimately holding you back.....

I'm encouraging you to be brave and ask for help! Make the personal sacrifice or the financial sacrifice that you need to go the extra mile! 

Have an amazing week!!!  


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